055 – Mickey Munoz: Part 2


In our 2nd and final installment, Mickey Munoz tells us about his work stunt doubling for Sandra Dee in the film Gidget. We then have a discussion about his involvement with Surftech and the concerns of overseas surfboard manufacturing. Mickey closes our interview by proposing a theory about time travel and potentially discovering the Fountain of Youth.

Link to Mickey’s book “No Bad Waves”



Link to Mickey’s IMDB page.


Link to Mickey’s line of Surftech boards.

One thought on “055 – Mickey Munoz: Part 2

  1. Adam Neale

    Thanks for another great show ! I enjoyed hearing Mickey’s take on shaping, creativity, production and sustainability. I bought one of his surftec 12′ to try as a SUP back before there were any other options. It wasn’t long before I ditched the paddle and started surfing it like a regular longboard. It is a super fun and functional design in the right conditions. I am not a big fan of surftecs but the technology suits the big board nicely its going on ten years and still going. Coincidently when I heard your interview with Josh and the last board you rode question it got me thinking about getting Josh to shape me an 11′ eps glider. That board came out beautiful and I enjoy every wave I catch on it thinking about Josh and his dad Terry and the legacy of that family’s craftmanship. Like a fine wine you can ride !


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