054 – Surf News, September 23, 2014


Welcome back! In the midst of this “Gabriel the villain” controversy, Gabe runs over 2 people at Lowers and then Chris Ward’s daughter, Malia, pushes Gabe off a wave! We then recap the Hurley Lowers Pro including the ASP’s (soon to be the WSL) attempt to fine Jordy $50,000 for wearing a Red Bull hat. Also, Kelly Slater dropped a new song, Point Break 2 invaded massive Teahupo’o, Bassy caught 100 waves in 7 hours. And we figure out who’s a kook and who’s a duke and much, much more! Enjoy.


Villian or Hero?

And Malia Ward pushes Gabe!


John John’s Round 4 Heat. David’s claiming it’s the best high-performance surfing ever done in a contest jersey.

Bassy thinks JJF looks like Elaine dancing. Huh???

Taj’s blowtail is David’s Maneuver of the event.

Bassy thinks Slater’s air in round 1 was the maneuver of the event.

Martin Potter and Brad Gerlach battled in the Heritage Series heat.

Jordy was nearly fined $50,000 for wearing his Red Bull hat on the podium.

Link to article


And the ASP announced that they’ll be changing their name to the WSL (World Surf League) in 2015.

Link to the ASP statement.



Scenes from the set on TheInertia.com

16 year old Matahi Drollet’s Wave of the swell!

And the shot of a lifetime of Matahi.

Matahi Drollet

Laurie Towner took a massive beating where he straightened out on a closeout, hit his head on the reef, blacked out, got blasted by the 2nd wave. Broke his jaw, whip lash his neck and back, punctures and stitches through his neck and into the back of his mouth, that narrowly missed an artery.

Link to Laurie’s Instagram

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 4.53.04 PM


David’s Moment: Mark Matthew’s latest 360 angle attempt at The Right. Here’s the link.

Mark Matthews and Brad Domke

Scott’s Moment: This Soul Train Dance Party


Queensland intiative to institute a “Pay-Per-Wave Policy”. Here’s the link.

Even Kelly can't a freebie.

Even Kelly can’t a freebie.


The Gudauskas Brother’s for hosting their annual Stoke-O-Rama event the other day.

Straight from Kelly’s Instagram!

"Anything better than a #StokeORama #Selfie? Check out the Gusauskas Brothers' annual contest at T Street in San Clemente today. These guys throw a great event for the kids and are truly the ultimate #SurfAmbassadors. #PositiveVibeWarriors. #Stoked I got a little time at the event this year. #TheGromsAreFrothing" Kelly Slater

“Anything better than a #StokeORama #Selfie? Check out the Gusauskas Brothers’ annual contest at T Street in San Clemente today. These guys throw a great event for the kids and are truly the ultimate #SurfAmbassadors. #PositiveVibeWarriors. #Stoked I got a little time at the event this year. #TheGromsAreFrothing” Kelly Slater

One thought on “054 – Surf News, September 23, 2014

  1. Benny

    Loved the interview with Mickey Munoz. After listening to part 1, I went and downloaded his book from Amazon. Thanks.
    Didn’t love your Martine Potter critique, Dave. Not every surfer knows how important a good bottom turn is. I used to judge surf events, and not every judge knew the importance of a good bottom turn. For years, pro surfers have talked about the significance of the bottom turn; don’t assume everyone is on the same page.
    Also, you didn’t like Potter’s advice to JJF, about giving 75% in the early heats. Why not? That’s a no-brainer. Kelly often says he holds back until the later rounds. Mick and others too. Why go for the impossible in round two and lose out before you reach final day? You’re there to win, not to blow minds. This ain’t free surfing.
    Love the show that you and Scott do. Listen to them all. Keep surfing.


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