049 – Dan Malloy: Slow Is Fast


Surf Splendor Dan Malloy 600x600In 2013 Dan Malloy embarked on a 700 mile bicycle trek along the California Coast. Along the way he worked with a variety of artisans, from farmers to knife makers, and occasionally stopped to surf. The journey is vividly brought to life through a photo journal and short documentary entitled, “Slow Is Fast”, which Dan curated with filmmaker Kellen Keene and photographer Kanoa Zimmerman.

In today’s episode of Surf Splendor, we talk to Dan about the path that led him to “Slow Is Fast”, the 700 mile trek, and what comes next. We hope you enjoy the show.

Link to purchase Slow Is Fast
Slow is Fast

Slow is Fast Book & DVD with Dan Malloy, Kanoa Zimmerman and Kellen Keene from Patagonia on Vimeo.

Dan Malloy and Dane Reynolds Board Swap fro The Surfer’s Journal

Dan Malloy on Vice’s Hi-Shredability in 2007

Here’s a link to Dan’s interview with Esquire.com discussing Slow Is Fast.

Learn more about Dan here!

6 thoughts on “049 – Dan Malloy: Slow Is Fast

  1. Easy

    I enjoyed the podcast, and found Dan to be affable and agreed with his view on life. Pleased to learn the project was self funded to start. I’m a lifelong fan of Patagonia. I was fired up to purchase the book after I was not able to make screening/signing event last August. I was disappointed by the DVD, needed more flow and more surfing.

    I grew up off the grid in the same geography as Dan and have done bike touring. Grew up exposed to early artisans in the 70’s and 80’s……..

  2. dan malloy

    I did try pretty hard on this one.
    i specifically tried hard to give kids a peak at something other than Red Bull and Monster infused action. I also tried to concentrate on the people that we encountered rather than us.
    Sounds like it wasn’t your cup of tea.
    Thanks for the honest feedback.
    Also, I agree that we have been over exposed. Like I said, we were pretty smitten by it all for while there.
    We couldn’t get enough, being that we felt lucky to be apart of it at all. But now that the dust is settling, I too get a little nauseous when the ink is not merited.

  3. Easy

    I will listen with a open mind for sure, but after purchasing the book last year and watching the DVD, I felt like they are trying too hard. DVD is dumb for sure.

    1. dan malloy

      Hello “Easy”
      If the book and dvd are in decent shape I will gladly buy it back from you.
      My personal stash is toast and still owe a copy to a kid in town.
      Hope all is well.

  4. Craig Guy

    Hello David,
    I just heard your podcast with Dan Malloy and I enjoyed listening to it very much.
    It is funny because awhile back I thought the Malloy’s were the most over exposed surfers around.
    I was getting to the point where I would say “Anything but the Malloy’s”
    That being said Dan seems like a cool grounded guy.
    Craig Guy – Santa Barbara


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