042 – Surf News for June 24, 2014


David and Scott discuss Fast Eddie’s threat to the ASP, Freddy P’s un-sewn wild oats, Webland, Duke & Kook and more!

Gossip Hour

Kelly in Pumas and Volcom

Freddy P’s 10 Regrets

Freddy P

Increased Shark Population

Link to Time.com article


Eddie Rothman’s Message for the ASP

Eddie Rothman Da Hui leader from I Want My North Shore 2 on Vimeo.

Matt Banting


He just won the Los Cabos Open, but we’ve been hyping this kid for years. Sidenote: when he’s in Southern California he stays with our mate Derek Peters (see our Must See Moment below).

Surf Craft at the Mingei

Link to the Mingei’s Site

The exhibit is curated by Richard Kenvin. Photo by Kenvin.

The exhibit is curated by Richard Kenvin. Photo by Kenvin.


Surfline’s Wave of the Winter Movie

Reef’s De Passage

One Session with Gabriel Medina

One Session with Gabe


Wipeout Porn by EOS

Wipeout Porn II from ENCYCLOPEDIA of SURFING videos on Vimeo.

Tom Curren at J-Bay

Whatever Happened? with Jay Davies


Kelly for his Performance of the Winter win.



The vast majority of Go Pro users, like this duo.

Must See Moment

Sponsor Derek, please.

2 thoughts on “042 – Surf News for June 24, 2014

  1. dan

    Constructive feedback

    Big fan of the show and both hosts

    Agree with Scott’s opinion that effort is required to make environmental pieces consumable by the audience.

    I did not like the comment made that was essentially saying that the pieces needed to be dumbed down to an “8th grader with Downes Syndrome” level. The point had already been made…could’ve left out the Downes Syndrome part.

    Stupid comment that perpetuates discrimination against people with the terrible misfortune (no fault of their own) of being afflicted with this disease. I know the comment was not intended to be mean or hurtful…but, many people live out their lives without ever being called out on their blind spots. I have many…

    I’ve had a chance to be around children afflicted with this…and they are just wonderful kids full of life and spirit. I’ve also seen the despair in the eyes of their parent because the “normal community” (in general) won’t give them a chance or include them with their age level peers. Outcasts. Root cause for that is often ignorance, indifference and lack of compassion by the general population.

    Still love the show guys….keep it going!


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