040 – Surf News for June 6, 2014


In today’s episode of Surf News, David and Scott begin by recapping The Boardroom Show. Scott then shares about a luncheon he attended in 2012 with Ricky Grigg and talks about his passing. The guys then lament the Women’s WCT, The Fiji Pro, and attempt to find a silver lining. The show wraps with Duke and Kook and Must See Moments.

Also, check out the new Spotify playlists on the Music Archive page.

The Boardroom Show

Link to the Surfline coverage

US Blanks’ Digital Zine


R.I.P. Ricky Grigg

Link to Ricky’s EOS page

Link to Jose Angel’s EOS entry

The Women’s Fiji Pro

Fiji Pro Screenshot



Scott’s Duke: 100 Wave Challenge

Boys to Men

David’s Duke: Maya Angelou, R.I.P


David’s Kook: Pat Parnell for his overuse of the phrase, “Sends it to the top” when commentating waves. I randomly selected a heat (Round 1, Heat 4), and this is what I found.

Go ahead, go to the Heat Analyzer and watch any heat that Pat is commentating. Sorry, Pat, but it’s annoying!

Must See Moment

David’s Must See Moment: Matt Banting’s East Coast Travels

Scott’s Must See Moment: The latest Nambia footage

2 thoughts on “040 – Surf News for June 6, 2014

  1. Dan

    Great show guys. Staple for my drives to and from work.

    Hope you are able to work out the meet logistics and keep it going.


  2. Henning schwalbe

    Hey David, thx for the shoutout to the germans! (I was the one coming up to you at the show, who lives here) It was a pleasure talking to you!



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