034 – Surf News, April 15th, 2014


Recorded at the Surfing Heritage and Culture Center in San Clemente.

David and Scott discuss the Otis Carey lawsuit, the Margaret River event, the XXL awards and much more.

Opening Topics

SUP Adventures in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, link to their website.

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MR Insta

Otis Carey Sues Surfing Life and Nathan Myers

Link to Nathan Myers’ Open Letter to Otis Carey on TheInertia.com

Otis Carey vs Nathan Myers

The Otis Carey ‘MERMAID KILLER’ from Misfit Shapes on Vimeo.

The Drug Aware Pro, Margaret River

Link to the Margaret River Pro’s website

Margaret River

David’s New Favorite Surfer

Jay Davies

This Week in Surf History, borrowed from the Encyclopedia of Surfing

Bunker Spreckles on EOS

Bunker Spreckles by Art Brewer


All the charging ladies of the XXL awards, especially Keala with her wave at Teahupo’o


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