030 – Surf News, March 18 2014 with David Scales and Scott Bass


David and Scott discuss their new asymmetrical surfboards, racism in surfing, Bangladeshi female surfers, and much more!

Kelly’s Car Gets Vandalized

Kelly Insta


Asymmetrical Boards by Donald Brink

Scott Bass' asymmetrical board shaped by Donald Brink

Scott Bass’ asymmetrical board shaped by Donald Brink

David's asymmetrical board shaped by Donald Brink (left) and the original reference board, an MR tri-fin.

David’s asymmetrical board shaped by Donald Brink (left) and the original reference board, an MR tri-fin.

The Boardroom Icons of Foam Shaping Contest, Tribute to Ben Aipa

Ben Aipa


This Week in Surf History

Hollow Surfboards! Provided by the Encyclopedia of Surfing

Hollow Surfboard

Hollow Surfboard from ENCYCLOPEDIA of SURFING videos on Vimeo.

Grant “Twiggy” Baker is our New Big Wave World Champ


Otis Carey vs. Surfing Life

Link to The Guardian’s article

Surfing Leashless

#GoLeashless or #Unleashed!

Link to the Daily Telegraph article

Hobie’s New Book

Hobie: Master of Water, Wind, and Waves by Paul Holmes

Duke of the Week

Nassima Atker’s Unlikely Surf Story

Link to her Kickstater campaign

Nassima Atker

Kook of the Week

Scott Bass for ragging on my Duke, poor little Nassima Atker!

Scott Bass dropping in at Swami's. Photo by Tom Kaestner

Scott Bass dropping in at Swami’s. Photo by Tom Kaestner

Must See Moment

Kurt Voegtlin’s old Nike 6.0 footage. David’s favorite part is little Jack Robo and John John Florence’s part in West Oz at 7:45 mins!

Resurrected from Kevin Voegtlin on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “030 – Surf News, March 18 2014 with David Scales and Scott Bass

  1. Adam Neale

    Great Show David,
    I love how you stick it to Scott and made him your kook. Scott inspired me to #goleashless today and I am a better surfer for it , Yeah Guy !
    I enjoy hearing about the boards you both ride and how its motivated you to surf more and differently.
    May be a weekly segment “what I rode this week”
    I am really looking forward to your JMar interview next week, that was a fast turn around.
    keep up the good work !
    Super stoked on the show !

  2. Blair

    First off, I’m so happy you guys have found your flow! I’m loving the combination of thoughtful insight and playful banter that goes back and forth between you two :)
    Second, if you guys are going to get nit-picky about pronunciations, this should set the score even between you two: Nazare is pronounced “na-za-ray”, and Scott’s “Na-zeere” isn’t even close. lol
    Third, I couldn’t help but start laughing at the “ape face” commentary! But then it got me to thinking.. for years people have been saying how Dane Gudauskas looks like (to some) a caveman. And Dane seems to think it’s just as funny as everyone else! Yes it’s somewhat derogatory to refer to someone as a lesser-evolved human (and in Otis’ case a primate), but it seems like in his circumstance it’s more likely just a hypersensitivity due to his race.. as no one is up in arms about Dane.
    Keep it up! You guys make me smile and laugh every week, and I always learn something from your shows. Absolutely awesome job! Thank you so much for giving us this gift and entertainment :) Cheers


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