029 – Quiksilver Pro Snapper Recap, 2014


Special guest Paul Staurch joins us to discuss the 50th anniversary celebration of the Endless Summer. Then David Scales and Scott Bass discuss the Quiksilver Pro Snapper event: the successes, the shortcomings, the gossip, the drama, and the incredible surfing.

Celebrating Bruce Brown and the 50th Anniversary of The Endless Summer


The Quiksilver/Roxy Pro at Snapper Rocks 2014

Click over to the full event site.

Quik Pro Site Grab


The Roxy Pro final
Mitch Crews vs Julian Wilson’s heat

Jeremy’s Post Heat Interview along with the replay of his collision with Adriano (go to 12:50 min mark)
Joel’s Semi final barrels
The Quiksilver Pro final. Bravo, Gabriel!

The Boardroom Show in Del Mar

Boardroom Show


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