025 – A Portrait of Tony Roberts: a life in filmmaking, photography, and surfing


Tony Roberts opens up about his life’s work producing over 20 surf and skate films, earning numerous cover shots, traveling the world and trying to find balance between work and play.

TR Skate Daughter Surf

Tony Skating, with his Daughter, and Surfing.

Tony Roberts Surfing in April & May 2013

The opening segment of Tony Robert’s Jacked

Examples of Tony's Skate Inspired Photography.

Examples of Tony’s Skate Inspired Photography.


To reach Tony, contact him via RealSurfTrips.com/tony-roberts/

To purchase his work, visit ReelHouse.org

And follow Tony Roberts Photo on Facebook

4 thoughts on “025 – A Portrait of Tony Roberts: a life in filmmaking, photography, and surfing

  1. Chapin Kreuter

    To whom this may concern. I am a personal friend of TR. We shared time Nicaragua over the last decade. I want you to know that what you captured in this interview was the most raw, captivating content i have heard in a long time. I really appreciate the way you captured TR’s true spirit. That was pure TR. Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to more.

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    Best wishes to you and good luck!

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