022 – Donald Brink, Hand-Shaped Hydro Crafts


Surf Splendor Donald Brink 600x600Welcome back to Surf Splendor for 2014. We’re launching the new year with a discussion with surfboard shaper Donald Brink. Donald is renowned for his hand-crafted asymmetrical surfboard designs. In this episode, Donald shares about his youth growing up in South Africa, why he believes nearly all board designs can be improved upon with an asymmetrical change, and the importance of cultivating a fascination for the ocean.

Learn more about Donald at DonaldBrink.com

2 thoughts on “022 – Donald Brink, Hand-Shaped Hydro Crafts

  1. Boyd

    Hi David,

    Firstly wanted to say kudos on the show. I’ve only been listening for a couple of weeks but I am thoroughly enjoying both Surf Splendor and Down the Line.

    During a recent show I heard you mention that you had one of Donald Brinks asymmetrical boards and I immediately had to go look for info on him and his shapes. I subsequently found your episode with Donald and listened with great interest.

    The theory of asymmetrical board design (as Donald explains it) certainly sounds logical to me but I am very curious to know if you would recommend one? I am seriously considering ordering a board from Donald but I have never ridden an asymmetrical shape and don’t know anyone who has, so I would appreciate any feedback you could give me.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work

    1. DS Post author


      Thanks for the kind note. In short, I would recommend ordering a board from Donald. I now have 2 and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them both. It’s very difficult to decipher which design variables contribute to my enjoyment of, or frustration with, the board. For example, that board you heard me discuss has a stringerless EPS core, which I’ve never ridden before. So there is the learning curve that comes with any new board, plus the fact that it’s stringerless EPS, and then the added complexity of asymmetry. All that being said, I’ve enjoyed both boards immensely and most importantly, I don’t feel that asymmetry has hindered my surfing in anyway. It’s mostly reminded me to give less input and just allow the board to find it’s natural trim and then make subtle adjustments. Order a Brink, but also check out this recent video of Bryce Young riding a Burch


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