014 – Surf News with Scott Bass, November 1st, 2013


David and Scott discuss Maya Gabiera’s wipeout at Nazare, Carlos Burle’s potential record breaking ride at Nazare, the Pipeline Season opening swell, Tom Carroll’s meth addiction, the One World Ranking, and the best songs ever! Click play on the episode and scroll down to see all the videos.

David’s Must See Moment

Scott’s Must See Moment


Maya Gabiera’s Accident at Nazare

The Ride

More of the rescue footage

Laird Hamilton’s Interview on CNN about the events at Nazare

Opening Season Swell at Pipeline

John John Florence’s impeccable butt drag.

Photo by Laserwolf

Photo by Laserwolf

 Tom Carroll Opens Up About Meth Addiction

 The One World Ranking

Link to the ASP’s site and the One World Rankings

David’s “Best Song Ever”

Scott’s “Best Song Ever”

2 thoughts on “014 – Surf News with Scott Bass, November 1st, 2013

  1. Garrick

    Hey guys, where can I get 2 x copies of Scotts book (Wave vs. Girl)? Cant find to buy direct from Amazon?

    I live in the southwest of Western Australia and have 2 daughters aged 6 and 8 who are just getting into surfing.

    Really enjoyed this show which I just listened to this morning on a 3 hour drive.


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