013 – Shaun Tomson: A Candid Conversation About The Code


David spends an hour with Shaun Tomson discussing his new book, The Code, and the events in his life that inspired its writing. Shaun opens up about the loss of his son Matthew, the importance of storytelling, and the design innovation that was the Pink Banana. Enjoy the show and please follow the links below to learn more about Shaun and his many contributions to surfing.

A History of Shaun Tomson on the Encyclopedia of Surfing


Bustin’ Down the Door (Documentary, produced by Shaun Tomson)

Purchase Shaun’s New Book The Code


6 thoughts on “013 – Shaun Tomson: A Candid Conversation About The Code

  1. Frank Altomari

    I didn’t know much about Shaun other than him being in many photos in magazines, when I first started surfing in the 80’s. This podcast was fantastic…What a great guy Shaun seems to be, insightful and sincere. It prompted me to borrow Bustin’ Down the Door from Netflix, and will be getting his first book for my Kindle. He’s a great ambassador for our sport, and this podcast was an A+. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  2. Blair

    Thanks for posting episodes that make us better people. As Shaun asked, here is my code to share with others.

    My Code:
    1. I will be true to myself
    2. I will be grateful
    3. I will never stop learning
    4. I will be dedicated to my family
    5. I will be strong
    6. I will always surf
    7. I will love the earth
    8. I will challenge myself
    9. I will help others
    10. I will remember patience
    11. I will have faith
    12. I will keep smiling

  3. Mateo

    Massive respect to both you guys, thanks for spreading the stoke, I’m really grateful to hear Shaun’s wisdom & stories.

  4. Erik Kwick

    I’ve heard it said that you should never meet your heroes, lest you be disappointed. Having met Shaun briefly, at one of the showings of Busting Down the Door, may I say that he soundly demolished that myth! Shaun has always come across as one of the most sincere people you’d ever hope to meet and your interview with him was a perfect representation of that. Shaun, thank you for your humility and ever present stoke and thank you David for another great interview.

    Most sincerely,

    Erik Kwick

  5. schwalbster

    Love it! Great podcast David, with one the our sport’s greatest! Best Episode yet!
    I liked his first book and will be buying his new book as well!

  6. Ben Garcia

    thanks for another great episode. they are all great but i’d venture to say that this one is the best yet, for me anyhow. i love all the history and ongoing projects talked about in other episodes, but this one had another level that made it stand out. going deep, i love it, in story or on a wave. thanks again.


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