Surf News, March 3, 2015


David and Scott discover the burgeoning surf scene in South Korea, celebrate the Maui surf community, petition surf access in Morocco, analyze the success of our inaugural Fantasy Surfer club, and discuss all the glory and horror of the WSL. Enjoy!





The famed wave is safe, but access is being denied.

The famed wave is safe, but access is being denied.

Sign the petition HERE

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The Vol Sol Flying Manta


Josh Martin’s Modern Hot Curl

josh Martin Hot Curl


Click over to join our club.

David’s team

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Scott’s Team

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Here’s Kelly’s heat vs. Freddy P & Ceej

The heat of the event thus far, Wiggoly Dantas vs Gabriel Medina vs Dane Reynolds

Here’s Bassy’s Instagram about Wiggoly. I’m claiming that he didn’t know who Wiggoly was. He’s claiming that he was promoting Wiggoly as the “next big thing”. How does it read to you?

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 7.35.44 PM
Dusty Payne picks up where he left off.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 7.33.29 PM


After just 2 events, Wildcard Makua Rothman takes the title. LINK TO ARTICLE

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Listener Jonathan Nimerfroh’s Slurpee Waves on Nantucket Island and

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 7.45.53 PM


David’s Duke: Silvana Lima for her incredible rise from the ashes.

Check out her turn at 2:12 mins!

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 7.58.42 PM
Scott’s Duke: The community of surfer’s on Maui who supported a mother’s request to help lay her son at rest. LINK TO ARTICLE

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 8.02.48 PM


Dean Morrison for burning a surfer on the wave of a lifetime at Kirra during Cyclone Marcia.

11 thoughts on “Surf News, March 3, 2015

  1. William

    Hi, i’m a big fan of your show from Nova Scotia, Canada. I’m currently on a surf trip to Morocco where i’m stuck in bed due to food poisoning. Thankfully I got your podcasts to listen to. i really enjoyed that last one, I read the book a couple months ago and I highly recommend it.

  2. Scott Overland

    Hi David,
    Longtime listener and fan of Down The Line where I was introduced to Surf Splendor. Stoked on the introduction and have been catching up on some of your episodes whilst on the road. For the most part I have found the Splendor casts very entertaining and engaging. Long form they are, the ending and opening comments about the broadcast can be a bit redundant. But beyond that I have been enjoying the stories.
    I grew up in the 70′s and remember how Lightening Bolt dominated the mags back then. Cool to hear about Tom Parrish role in that company and of course his role in the birth of the mega brand Quicksilver. Fascinating to hear how he helped turned a full Aussie brand into a mainstay in Hawaii! What a coup! In so many things in life its all about the relationships and his strong ties to the surf shops allowed an alien brand to dominate in the very territorial birthplace of surfing.
    That story contrasted nicely with the Chas Smith piece. He is quite the personality to say the least, talk about opionated and brash yet he still was able to penetrate the hardcore North Shore scene and succeed in telling a compelling story. I am impressed with his ability to shed light in the darker arenas of our sport and survive. He had no ties to the locals and yet somehow he fosters a relationship with one of the most heavy NS guardians! His relationship to Eddie is hard to believe but yet it exists. Beach Grit is entertaining in a way the you cant help but look at a car wreck. Crazy allegations and stories with rumor and truth abound. I want to hate but cant help but visit the site. I look forward to the refinement of the site as they grow the site.
    We need voices like Chaz in surfing so that we don’t become to vanilla as the sport marches toward mainstream acceptance thru the WSL platform.
    Thanks for the entertaining podcasts David and a send a big “Yah Guy” to Bassy for me.

  3. Justin

    Hey David,

    Meant to email this last week. Just started listening to the podcasts a few weeks ago, stoked! Had listened to Bassy’s down the line podcast a few times in the past and downloaded a month or so ago for some background noise while I was working. You guys got me hooked now! Good stuff! Entertaining and surprisingly inciteful! Especially enjoy the interviews with the surfers and industry guys- but you guys occasionally have some good points too! JK. In all seriousness, both shows are real entertaining with a good blend of humor and thought provoking surf dialogue.
    Which brings me to my question. Two weeks ago you posted the video of Fergal Smith’s series growing where he talks about farming and surfing in Ireland, great vid but the clip I thought was most interesting out of that series is the one where he talks about how he’s recently started Bodyboarding on the smaller days due to the fickle and steep, ledging nature of the local reefs.
    I just thought that was cool and in this age of “ride anything,” at least in Southern California, that doesn’t usually translate to bodyboards. So I was just wondering if you guys could touch on that in your next episode? Why is there sometimes tension between surfers and “spongers” specifically in SoCal and maybe California in general but not as much as in places like Hawaii or apparently Ireland. I feel like the debate could also be extended to SUP and why they aren’t universally accepted in lineups across California whereas again in Hawaii they’re more generally accepted. And just to tie in another previous topic/episode, I listened to the Zack Weinburg episode where you discuss surfing bigotry for lack of a better term, and I was just wondering what your guys’ feelings were on surfers’ intolerance of other waveriders and or even waveriders of other races. I know most surfers would not like to think of themselves as sort of “surf bigots” but I know where I come from and I feel like truly most surfers aren’t the liberal “the earth and waves belong to everyone” “hippie -type” persona we’re portrayed as and in fact the opposite is true.

    Anyway, there’s a lot there and just thought it’d be interesting to here you’re take on it. I’ve pasted a link to a Stab mag article on based off Fergal’s clip which also includes the clip in it.

    Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

  4. Kazuo

    Justin, the reason SUP’s and bodyboarders don’t get respect here is because it’s much easier then paddle surfing. SUP’s tend to hog the waves in already crowded lineups and then ride with no style or athletic display, limited by the length/size of their board or ability. Bodyboarders are able to take off in the white wash, and don’t usually do anything impressive to watch. Much respect to the bodyboarders charging heavy slabs though, that’s freaking incredible!! I think SUP’s are appropriate for tiny waves and body boards are appropriate for hollow stuff. I respect skills, not crutches. I must admit, Davids respect for grammar and spelling makes me hesitant to write at all….

  5. Paul

    Hello from S.Korea. I am surfing in a place where surfing was unheard of less than 5 years ago so the surf culture is still very new and developing. Although shops and brands are jumping onto the growing surf scene in Korea for money, there are absolutely no publications that carry surf culture, news, photos etc. to the depth that you guys have. The existence of both down the line and surf splendor talk shows has allowed me to dive deeper into the surf culture of the past and present and I am thankful for that. I hope you and your show the best.

    Oh and here is a link to a clip of surfing on a good day on the east side of peninsula. Just in case you were curious.

    p.s: I have a question for you guys, a ASP qualifying series event was held in Korea before. What year was it and where was it?

  6. Tony Roberts

    Big props for another amazing episode. It would be impossible to listen to this and feel the same about surfboard design with the insights shared. Opening minds and fueling progression…BRAVO!!

  7. klaus

    hey guys! long time listener here
    You guys mention a lot about shark attacks and if there are more sharks but i think its because there’s more surfers nowadays, every surfer that got attacked in Australia recently are surf spots are known for shark territory for many years and no one used to surf there but now those beaches are crowded with people so i would love to know your opinion (:
    thanks for guys and keep up the awesome work btw Bassy sounds like Nicolas Cage haha

  8. Henning Schwalbe

    Great, great heartwarming story about the german mother who went to Maui to spread her sons ashes! Big shout to all the Maui surfers who showed up! Thank you for spreading Aloha!


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