Mid Pipe Masters Analysis


With 5 consecutive lay days at the Pipe Masters, David & Scott take the opportunity to dissect the controversial trials event, rounds 1 & 2, and the unbelievable free surf session that took place 10 minutes after they called off the event. Tons of drama has unfolded, some featuring Bruce Irons, Jamie O’Brien, Pancho Sullivan, and the World Title contenders. Enjoy!



Bruce Doesn’t Get the Invite

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 6.07.41 PM

Joel Centeo’s 10


Melling takes out Kelly in the dying seconds.


Everyone got smashed! Kelly and Jadson are the only surfers who posted 9 point rides. No one else even came close.

Kelly puts on a masterful performance in very difficult conditions.

Jadson’s barrel. How isn’t this a 10?!

Aritz Aranburu gets rescued in heroic fashion!


With increasing wind, the ASP put the contest on hold for 1 hour and then decided to call it off completely. Within 10 minutes, the wind shifted and the waves were near ideal. Below are a few images from the free surf session that took place from 2:30pm onward.

Here are the scenarios to watch for:

Heat 6: Medina vs. Dusty. If it’s running Backdoor, Dusty has a significant advantage.

Heat 9: Fanning vs. Flores: Flores is formidable, but Mick won’t gonna lose this one.

Heat 12: Slater vs. Muniz: By far the easiest draw. Alejo will be off tour if he loses.

If Gabriel loses in Round 3: Kelly needs to win the event and Fanning would need to finish 3rd or better to clinch the title.

If Fanning and Kelly both lose, Medina wins.

If Gabriel finishes 3rd or 5th, Fanning needs to win. 9th and Fanning needs 2nd.


Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 6.33.05 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 6.32.41 PM




Mick Fanning for giving his board to Tyler Gunter to paddle in from Third Reef Pipeline, thereby rescuing him.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 6.38.58 PM


The ASP for calling off Round 3 on Saturday afternoon, 10 minutes before the waves turned ON! Why not just stay on hold through the afternoon, especially with the dubious swell forecast? Look how good it got! Koa Rothman said he got the best wave he’s ever gotten at Pipe (see below).

4 thoughts on “Mid Pipe Masters Analysis

  1. sandy olney

    Long time listener (2 yrs – ha!)…love the show. That may have been the best interview yet with Gary Linden. It would be fun to get more “big wave” perspective from Gary…as in, what the hell drives someone to paddle out solo to a shark-infested reef for 3x OH surf. Fascinating. Your show really helps with these somewhat depressing winters.

    Please let us know when you’re in Boston next. Happy to get you in the water! -Sandy, Duxbury, MA

    1. DS Post author

      Thanks, Sandy. Not to mention, Gary’s doing those solo missions in frigid waters at the age of 62!!! Incredible. Thanks for the feedback. Hope to be back in Boston soon. I’d love to experience the surf scene.

  2. Pat

    Excited to hear what you have to say about the scoring in the final as that was a topic of discussion for you guys the other week. I think the final exchange of the contest showed us that it’s more about getting a picture perfect pipe/backdoor wave than what you actually do inside of one. I think that type of scoring is awesome if you are a pipe connoisseur but frustrating for a lot of average viewers. I’m also interested in hearing your thoughts on Filipe Toledo admittedly hawking the rights when his heat had priority to keep Dusty off of them (not that it mattered).


  3. Mike w

    Hey guys,

    I usually think that Scott’s comparisons between the PGA and WCT are fairly insightful, however; the notion that former champs of the pipe masters should be allowed in the event is absurd. I think it’s absurd for two main reasons. 1) Unlike the masters in golf, the pipe masters not only has An event champion but often determines the world title which is an accumulation of all the years events. The masters in golf is a stand alone event only its not part of a bigger championship like the pipe masters. If you want to see the old champs battle it out make a separate event with all of them together that would be epic. Or include them in the trials or something like that. 2) you can’t just keep putting more And more people in the event but not extend the waiting period. More heats need more time to run and nobody want to watch a contest in subpar conditions. I was surprised to see the asp run the trials this year during the pipe masters waiting period without extending it. Keep up the good work I love listening.


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