In today’s episode David and Scott analyze the spectacular event that was the 2017 Quiksilver Pro. The Slater vs Medina non-interference, the judges love of non-risky backside snaps, and the greatest comeback story in surfing history. We hope you enjoy the show.


Ross is gone (to coach JJF).

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 6.58.00 PM

Kaipo is in.

@kellyslater keeping @kaipoguerrero cool ?

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The desk is gone, replaced by the sofa and more casual, opinionated analysis.


Gabriel, unquestionably, mashed down Kelly’s exit on a potential 10 point ride. Do you think it should have been deemed an interference?

Did Gabriel deserve the score on his final wave and was Kelly’s underscored?





Both finalists, Owen Wright and Matt Wilkinson are coached by Glen Hall.



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Lakey Peterson for her overshadowed, yet nonetheless incredible comeback story.


Ronnie Blakey for constantly provoking Pete Mel in the commentary booth. Throughout the entire event Ronnie seemed to be jabbing Pete and it also seemed to keep Pete off kilter. Kinda odd. They are both usually super nice guys.


Corey Wilson’s incredible capture of Owen Wright celebrating his win with his girlfriend Kita Alexander and their newborn child.

@owright so incredibly proud of you. Been through hell and back and now you are on top of the world.

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80 thoughts on “QUIKSILVER PRO RECAP

  1. sox

    awesome episode, as usual. and just a small thing, i would argue that kelly debating round 2 minutia on instagram with podcast hosts is the opposite of being unfocussed. if he were liking photos of models or taking conference calls about fabric samples, to me that would be a lack of focus.

  2. Bradley


    David Lee Scales!
    Absolutely enjoyed the Sal interview! What a talented, hard working, salt of the earth kind of guy. I have always enjoyed his uplifting, clear headed, honest, and humorous approch to commentating, but now with all of his history on the table, I truly respect him 10 fold.

    Scott Bass!…….. Hipstergram Icon = DEVON HOWARD!!!!
    Hey, at least you looked good while looking him in the face to acknowledge that two wrongs don’t make a right. He wasn’t completely robbed of a beauty. Maybe next time he will think twice about committing the initial wrong. Life is a delicate pleasure filled of checks and balances. Why should surfing be any different? Why should a Hipstergram icon feel so entittled as to be insulted by your courteous reminder of one of the most important foundational elements of the surfing code…… THOU SHALL NOT BURN ONE ANOTHER!


  3. Tim

    I’ve been listening to the podcast for almost a year now. The latest episode with Sal Masekela was pure gold. I could probably listen to Dave and Sal chat for 7 hours straight. Well done guys!

  4. Jay

    Dropped down for the $5 monthly payment. Used to listen to Down the Line and lost it for awhile when it went away at some point. You guys make a good team and appreciate the content. Maybe sometimes riffing too much off topic but that’s all good. Enjoy the interviews you do without Scott as well. Keep ’em coming.

    As for the major concept, I agree they need to be four different waves. My majors would be 1. Pipe (hollow left reef), 2. Fiji (reef pass), 3, Lowers (cobblestone right and left), and 4, J-Bay (right point). Beach break is missing from this however.

    Scott, keep your dream alive. Nat won the trials at Snapper and is on his way back to the tour for sure. Word Title hopes alive! North America and Nor Cal needs to represent.

  5. Dave

    Hi guys,
    Well you’ve ruined every other surf podcast out for me, thanks. The only other which I enjoyed as much was ‘Ain’t That Swell’ by Vaughn Blakey and Jed Smith from Sydney and they seem to have inexplicably disappeared from podcasting. I think the fact that they secured a sponsorship from Corona may have had something to with it. Another ‘cast starting to gain some ground here in Oz is called Lipped and they are doing quite well with some backing from CoastalWatch (an Aussie surfcam/forecasting/news site, bringing you such treats as Weak Wrap).
    But you guys take the cake. Great format, great content and great chemistry between you two. Even if your WSL fantasy tips are way off, which is most of the time.
    A couple of points:
    1). Parko is – in my humble eyes – the undisputed style KING! His surfing is textbook fast, fluid and free, with buckets of power to boot. Ando be damned!
    2). The philosophical “growing the pond” debate is well worthy of digging further into.
    3). Question: if you had to write a film screenplay about a real life surf story, which character or story would you choose to write about?
    4). I’d like to offer to help rebrand your podcast, even if just visually. Don’t hate me, but it’s a little…tacky.
    5). I’m finally subscribing financially as of today! Love, love, love getting your podcast on the regular to help ease the pains of city commuting. Your surf news is an epic weekly wrap of all the things I wanted to know about the current state of surfing but didn’t have the time to do myself. Keep it up!

    PS. I’m also going to post this review on iTunes.

  6. Bradley

    David & Scott……YEAH GUY!

    I am a not so long time, but avid listener of “the POD”. I have just about finished listening to all 154 episodes of SurfSplendor. I cannot thank you enough for 2 things:

    1) I am a Santa Barbarian that works in Los Angeles and surrounding areas in the TV and commercial industry as a camera assistant. I tend to spend many hours commuting back and forth from Home to LA on “runs of work”, and within the greater Los Angeles area when working on various projects. I find the (Surfsplendor/Down the Line Radio) surf news episodes completely entertaining, extremely engaging, and a total escape from the monotonous task of the commute. For a long time there has been a void in my life in terms of having an interest in the surf industry/competiton complex, due to my lack of desire in keeping up with the chaotic nature of the progression of aerial surfing. I have to say that through your SURF NEWS episodes I have developed a new passion for engaging in, and relating to the whole competiton genre of surfing, as well as having a unearthed appreciation for all the different personalities within the CT & QS. Both of your opinions are insightful, spot on, and ring true to my surfing sensibility. Like many listeners have stated before, I too find myself laughing aloud in the car, and aguring each others points to myself like a mental patient with schizophrenia.
    I cannot wait to start out the new WSL 2017 season, watching the drama unfold and to relive it through the podcast on the road headed somewhere.

    2) I love listening to all the board reviews, also all of the trials, tribulations, and details of your personal surfing lives. I too am a ride everything guy, from a 12′ paddle surf vehicle, to a 9’11” nose rider log, channel bottom single fins, to high performance SUP’s, and lots of shortboards in between. It’s refreshing to hear your guys take on the state of surfing and how to gracefully navigate ones lineup. Listening to the one on one interviews that you, David Lee Scales construct are such insightful and transcending pieces. They really help put this whole complex surfing lifestyle into a tangible, and manageable term for a 47 yr old grom that still spends 95% of his conscious state thinking of the next go, or the last score. It’s the human touch of these episodes that further validate my path as a husband, father, professional, and uber stoked surfer.
    I really do appreciate all of your guys efforts to make this special current event, and historical platform happen for the surfing community. Every chance I get I am pushing the Podcast onto all of my surfing friends and acquaintances.

    Mahalo for your Aloha!

    Bradley Rochlitzer

  7. Miguel

    Hi guys!i just can say:thank god!finally! Why the fuck I didn’t know of your podcast existence? I first heard of it two days ago on beachgrit,checked it out and now I can finally fill that hole losers here on Spain fill with football (soccer) ??????

    Thanks a lot for the show from the Canary Islands .

  8. Big D

    Long time listener and big fan of Down the Splendor. I every so often read comments asking for more interview during the news episodes and I’m asking for the opposite. I like listening to the both of you ramble on, I don’t even follow the WSL that intently but enjoy listening to you get outraged by Bassy’s old man hot takes. Please keep everyone posted regarding the surf tip and let Scott know that I’m boycotting the Boardroom Show till Ricky Carroll is allowed to defend his multiple championships a’ la the Masters.

  9. Danny

    Long time listener. A big thank you for all you do from a big fan.

    Loved the segment on the Mexican sewage spillage. I know you want the show to be broad based and I am not expecting a California-centric conversation by any means. The point is, your conversations about the shark culling or sewage leaking or privatization issues let people engage and learn about something that they might be able to help or at least assist through consciousness in shifting towards an actual prolonging of SURFING, not the SURF INDUSTRY. Progressive thinking! For as much as you guys both claim to not “care” about clothing and apparel and “fashion,” an awful lot of the show is focused on it. I surf a good bit in El Salvador and to touch on Scott’s tee-shirt story; it doesn’t matter who’s logo you’re wearing when it’s covered in shit, and you’re in a hospital gown anyway. Keep up the great work, I just think with all your experience and knowledge you can toe the line a bit closer to enabling stimulating conversation with a tangible positive outcome. -Danny

  10. Joe Momma

    Been listening to your podcast. Most of the times you are on it. Work on more interviews and less of you two goons talking top each other about the jockification of surfing. As with the Former thing I think they proved their point with how you discussed it. With the .xxx issue and their collection… you aren’t their customer at all. They are for a different audience, a new audience (as small as it may be). If you look at the details on the clothing it’s not like the mass manufactured garbage that Ripcurl, Billabong, (insert lame surf brand that isn’t relevant anymore). There’s space for brands like Former more than the other existing brands because the surf audience is more diverse than ever. You can simply reference your interview with Mark Healey when he said that surf brand smiled their audience for too long. You guys said it right, you are not the demo, and maybe that’s a good thing on both sides. Less jocks & goons in the lineup. Less following what mainstream brands do in marketing and more of the zine culture.

    1. joe momma

      BTW, I am 42 with a 7 month old kid. There’s more people like me than you’d believe who don’t want to wear some high tech short that touches my calf. But thanks for the shout out white boys.

  11. Paul-Louis Louw

    Yeah freakin guy(s). Great podcast. I’m a graphic designer and branding is something I’m exposed to and do ALOT and I’m 100% in agreement on FORMER’s brand fail, it’s super confusing. Also Parko style is not anywhere near as iconic as Machado or Ando. I don’t want to look like Parko when I surf, I’d rather look like JJF or Jordy. Keep up the good show.

  12. Ryan Lowe

    Hey guys as always love the podcast and I must confess a dark secret… Im a welder by trade so I consume 40+ hrs of podcast every week and I literally have arguments with my self on who I should give money to… So this week Im getting around to you guys. I save my surfing podcasts for the weekend and the hour commute… I live an hour from the beach but every sat and sun im there 140 days last year. That includes any and all green square days (surfline) after work as long as daylight permits. Just wanted to say thanks so much its like having 2 surf stoked brothers in the car. Scott the eldest set in his ways No matter what he says you know hes honest as ya role your eyes preparing for the back in my day speech. then the super excited younger brother chalk full of stats and where this is all headed. Then Im sitting there quit like middle brothers often thinking to myself well Scotts definitely right there. or David nailed that one. all the while saying nothing (or screaming at the radio lol) anyway Thanks so much for time traveling podcast that gets me to my favorite place and 100% count me in on a surf trip :)

  13. Timb


    On the subject of surf contest coverage, the other guys etc etc ….. I would really enjoy watching a wsl contest with you guys doing a live podcast as commentary, obviously a whole contest would not be feasible but how about doing a final ? It could have an intro, the final then some comments at the end. Failing that I really enjoyed the time you re-scored the final with a judge, maybe you could do something like that again, keep up the good pod !

  14. Adam Baldwin

    You do realise Silvana is back on tour this year?
    She won the last QS of the year in Aus to get back on tour.

  15. Adam Baldwin

    I’m listening at work as i do other stuff, doing council applications to run a school surf contest actually, ironic considering the Titans of Bummer. When I search volcom pipe pro it goes directly to the WSL page, Interesting that you in America goes straight to red bull but here in Aus it goes to WSL….. I wonder why that is…..

  16. SkinnyOccy

    Hey David,
    I always wonder why during many of the contests the commentators on the web stream will send it to a “break” and the screen will cut to another screen which says that the “action will return after the commercial break” (or something like that) but no actual advertisements are shown. Why don’t they show advertising during these breaks to generate revrnue and why do they even bother having those breaks if the web viewers (who are probably the majority of viewers worldwide) don’t even see advertising. On the occasions where they do show ads its the same ad over and over again for the same company. Why don’t they open this time up to other prospective companies who would want to advertise to thousands (or maybe millions) of surfers (and non surfers) worldwide.
    There is plenty of non – surf related companies which I’m sure would love to advertise to such a well defined target audience.
    If they are going to have ad breaks – why don’t they show ads and make some money!

  17. wave whisperer

    Love the NEWS (down the line) pods.

    Occurred to me that WSL and your News Podcast has similar financing issues.

    Ziff will surely be looking at the new models of distributing content through digital Entertainment and Media platforms. Having your own website and distributing content yourself appears to be on the wane, while digital media content is set to grow 80%+ according to PWC with a large percentage of that on hand held devices.

    WSL will no doubt be looking to partner with one or more media platform to supply content while Facebook, Google, Apple or whomever, does advertising and receives a percentage of the profits.

  18. Fat occy

    In regards to your comments on coaches, my thoughts:
    Mick Fanning retires and becomes Julian’s coach in 2017. Under his brilliant tutelage he stokes the blue collar bastard desire that is lurking just underneath julian’s perfectly coiffed mop. Despite Julian’s metrosexual teen vogue appeal, there is a beer swilling/ chris davidson /Eugene Fanning/Australian beast that wants to win over all else …for god sakes he comes from a family of tile setters who worked sixty hours a week to keep him in thrusters and boardies , he owes them goddammit. And who better to enforce the iron, inflexible, repetitive discipline than his real older brother/soul mate mick fanno, for god sakes did you see the tears in Julians eyes when he described the jbay shark bump… he absolutely loves and worships that man. And, Micks dirty secret that won him all the world titles, the fact that behind every yoga ball single focused heat win flits Eugene…Dr Jeckyl waiting for the victory to be unleashed…I cant wait to see the pictures of julian wearing one shoe and soiled briefs, standing on a table, drinking fosters mixed with vomit from the 2017 WSL championship trophy in some backalley gold coast beer pit..

  19. Mike callahan

    You guys are talking about fitness in the new year. Some people you may want to have in show is Cris Mills of surfstrengthcoach.com. He is pretty legit. Also Dr. Goodman of Foundation Training is a surfer. Also remember strength comes from working out and health comes from the kitchen. Love your show and am a devoted listener. Thanks.

  20. Kelly

    Hey big fan here but this comment section should be mentioned for your next Kook award.
    I just listened to the 1/11 episode and had to scroll to the bottom of a very long page under a comment from 2015…really? Maybe have comments for each episode… just sayin

    BTW, January 16 is a Monday not a Saturday as mentioned in the pod. Check yo calendar

    Anyhoo, keep up the good work mates.


  21. chris collier

    I’m on my second podcast and really enjoying it. As a 40 something surfer who has been at it for about 3 years now after moving to southern california, i’m trying soak up as much surf knowledge as possible in a short amount of time and catch up with those who have been at it for much longer. It’s clear that this podcast will be a great resource along the way. At this stage, i consider myself a very low intermediate surfer. I have a quiver of about 6 boards from 9.6 single fin to 6.8 twin fish. I’m comfortable surfing waves up to around 6 feet (California measure, not HI). I’m headed to the the north shore in feb/march timeframe and frankly a little scared the waves will be too much for me. So much has been written about the North Shore vibe and waves but is it possible during that time of hear to find suitable surf at my skill level and away from the fray? Really enjoy the podcast and appreciate the insight.

  22. Drew

    Thanks for all the work on the podcast, this is just ( I hope) a helpful critique. It would be great if you skip Dave’s intro each time (this one went to 9 mins) and instead, just launch right into the podcast with Dave & Scott. Any and everything talked about in the intro can just be organically brought up in the actual podcast.


  23. Bill Rosenblatt

    Scott and David…Bassy knows I’m a long time listener but always love to laugh when you SoCal guys complain about “cold” water and flat spells. Give me a break ! Today in NJ it’s 23 degrees with sustained winds about 20mph…water temp is 47 or so. Flat spells here last weeks on end. I know…one would ask why do people even live or surf here. Good question. BTW Legends Surf Classic in Rincon PR is 1/20/2017
    SHACC director Paul Strauch and PT will be there so should you guys. Keep up the good work and keep bugging us so we can donate to keep this going. Mahalo

  24. Zach Hanner

    Dear David and Scott,

    I’ve been listening to Scott since he was doing the podcast as part of his radio show with Sam George as his co-host. I’ve been through Marty, Baldy, James Pribram and numerous other sidekicks but the dynamic between the two of you is great! Thanks so much for bringing this wonderful, surf-centric content to the web so east coasters like myself can stay abreast of industry goings-on and get some “parking lot gossip” that we wouldn’t be privy to otherwise.

    I wanted to share a story with you since you were talking about Dan Bendiksen on the last episode and in David’s interview with Wayne Rich. I was living in Chapel Hill, NC, in 2000 and my wife worked with a lady whose husband Jerry was an old school SoCal guy from back in the day. We were going to LA for the premier of “The Patriot” (I’m an actor and had a small part in the film) and Jerry said “You should call up Danny. He’d be happy to loan you a board and you can go and duke it out with the crowd at Malibu.” So I gave him a call and went my the Santa Monica fire station where he was one of the Captains of the squad. This big bear of a man shook my hand, gave me a hug and then handed over the keys to his house. He directed me to his shaping room and on the racks was a gleaming, brand-new ten footer. I had no idea he was giving me a new board! At any rate, the day at the ‘Bu was magical and I must have surfed for four hours. I returned the board and left him a thank you note and he replied with a phone call to see how things went. Here’s a guy I’ve never met in my life and he shows me the most aloha I’ve ever experienced. I’ll always remember his generosity and I’ve tried to pay it forward by loaning boards to any of my friends that want to give it a try.

    Thanks again for giving us surf-crazed pod consumers the best surfing podcast out there!

    Mahalo and Aloha,


    One critique. Sometimes it seems that the music you open with (particularly on Scott’s version of the show) stays running underneath your discussions. Is it the music playing at SHAC? Just curious. It’s not horrendous but is noticeable during certain shows. Thanks again!

  25. Rich

    Long time listener here, love your articulation as well as the ying/yang between you and Scott. Just a thought: I enjoyed your short wine talk with Roger Hinds. Perhaps you could do a short 5 minute segment on a wine. Maybe enjoy one with a guest. Hell, it would be fun to hear Scott’s interpretation. Some of the surf world is definitely connected to that especially along the Central Coast and I’m sure in Aus. You seem quite knowledgeable and I bet you have quite a cellar to feature. Keep up the great work, you are definitely a stand out in this platform. So many podcasts just going through the motions. Thanks for the real core content.

  26. Adam Baldwin

    loved this one, especially as it encouraged me to go back to the archives again and track down the carl Ekstrom and donald brink and so many more……..

  27. Ian blake

    Just been watching the new clips released by the Kelly Slater Wave Co of some of the lady CTers who’ve been there recently. Have you seen them yet?

    To be honest I wasn’t overly impressed , especially with Lakey’s , she looked a bit unbalanced and not very smooth (I was thinking that’s how I’d probably look if I surfed there!, I’m a reasonable surfer but far from professional) . I think I was comparing them without really thinking about it to Steph’s session there , so I watched hers again, and to be honest she looked so much better a whole level above them. What do you think ?

  28. Bobby

    The Wayne Rich episode should be put down as one of the best Surf Splendor podcasts released. David knew exactly when to pry and when to back off to get the strongest stories and most genuine moments. The post-production for this episode added a lot too, from the intro through the intermittent breaks, which were well-timed and helped generate flow. The story-telling and surfboard intricacies that Wayne Rich shared were exactly what we listen for in a surf podcast. It was like time-traveling to the golden past of California’s surf culture. Great job, and thank you again. Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Justin

      Agreed, the South Bay history is always great to hear from different perspectives. My only disappointment was when Wayne started to get into what he’s learned about fin placement and David didn’t pry and we didn’t gleam any knowledge. Love all the shaper pods, keep them coming!

  29. Adam Neale

    Hey Guys,
    I just ponied up for the year at $5 a month. Thanks for all your time and hard work for your previous podcasts. I really enjoy all your shows and especially your shaper interviews. Through interviews I have gone on to buy boards from Sean Mattison, Donald Brink, Josh Martin and Maurice Cole. All of them have been winners. Nothing keeps you surfing like a new board. We live in a golden age of equipment! Love that your podcast highlights it and love hearing what you are riding and how it feels. Your recent Marc Andrenini interview was inspiring too, I am looking forward to his book. If you ever head North of the Golden Gate give me a shout !
    in Gratitude,

  30. Kasper Kewenter

    Hi guys!

    Just a short and fast comment while in the middle of listen to the lates of all great episodes…

    Unfortunately, D. Trump is a hazard not only too US Markets, Politics and Environmental issues but also too the rest of the world. Here is just one example that will affect fellow surfers and nature lovers (corny as it sounds)… Not sure if you have discussed this before but anyway.. worth a re-post anyway.


    Lot´s of stoke
    from “the Swedish socialist”, as named by Scott after an earlier email that I send :)
    Thanks a million for another amusing and educational podcast :)

  31. Drew Hilton

    Hi Guys, love the podcast. 2 points;

    1. I actually found the women at Jaws more interesting to watch. The fact that they were getting caught inside, injured, caught out of position on the shoulder, wiping out, a lot of ths elements that the men have largely mastered, meant that there was more going on, different things to talk about and it showed very clearly why the place is so scary and difficult to surf, which we assume, but rarely get to see examples of, as excellent commentators talk us through it. It was a bit like watching the average surfer experience of going outside their confort zone. Really interesting as a average surfer that isnt in the industry.

    2. Loved both the Jaws commentators, and the Titans commentators when they did the live stream via facebook. Super interesting hearing all the really detailed insights about how the breaks work, the background of some of the surfers. The commentary made it for me.

    Cheers and keep up the good work.

  32. Rebecca

    I get that the women’s heats at Jaws left something to be desired. But at least you could get EMILY Erickson’s name right. She is a legit accomplished big wave surfer and suffered a serious injury. Show some respect.

  33. B Mac


    Fantastic interview with Marc Andreini. I listened to it last night and will do so again today. The guy has everything a great surfer should have plus more.

  34. Bryan Cass

    Hi David,
    I am a huge fan of the podcast! From listening I have gathered that you enjoy the vino. As a thank you for all the rad shows I have enjoyed, I want to send you some of our wine as a thank you. http://www.casswines.com

    If that is okay, what is a good address to ship to? (that an adult can sign for…) Also, are there any particular varietals you prefer or like to avoid? We specialize in Rhone varietals but also make Cab, Zin, and Malbec.

    The winery is in Paso Robles, we opened in 2005… if you are ever up here and are interested, you need to come to Cass for a barrel tasting or lunch or both, I will hook it up with the “VIP” experience! Would also be fun to surf together if in the cards!

    Really appreciate all the hard work you guys do and feel free to share the vino with Scott.


    Bryan Cass
    General Manager
    Cass Winery
    instagram: surf_sommelier
    cell: (805)610-2952
    work: (805)239-1730 x103

  35. casey

    appreciate you’re nuanced and honest conversations on the lineup.
    I don’t get to surf often (live 1000 miles from any coast), and the biggest barrier for me improving is getting way less waves than everyone else. (I start to take off, someone else goes… i’m pretty sure I have priority, but not sure enough, so I end up backing off…. or they get mad because I don’t go hard enough down the line… Or they are just more nimble than me, so always get better position.)
    So getting hints about those other folks think helps.

  36. Gigs Celliers

    Hey guys
    Only recently discovered your site and podcast and will continue not only to plug into future casts but also work my back through the archive
    I have been doing some WSL commentary recently and enjoying the vision and advancement of where our sport is headed

    As I continue hopefully growing In that role I certainly will be feeding off your guys opinions and expanding my own understanding

    Keep up the good work
    At the bottom of Africa

  37. Lucas

    Hi David and Scott!!

    I´m a big fan of the show and thanks for doing it.

    I´m quite surprised and upset because you both didn´t say a word about the horrible style ( one foot on the tail one foot on the nose) and also all the claiming that matt wilkinson did on the first events of the year…Dude how much shit adriano gets from you guys all the time!!! looks like your criteria is based on the colour of their passaport??

    what happened with the interviews?? those are the best please bring new ones with shapers!

    there´s any with chris chirsteson?

    saludos from centroamerica!


  38. Buck Tangram

    Come on lads I know January is a slow month but Im hanging for a bit of back and forth. Lets get this ball rolling.

  39. Luugart

    What can you comment about the photo of Kelly riding the wave pool in trunks?! Photo shop? Has this thing been up and running since last summer?? Talk about it!!

  40. Kevin Hamor

    Hey David,

    Thanks for continuing to put out such a great show with Scott. It’s nice to to have relevant surf news delivered to the masses on a consistent basis for free!

    I wanted to mention something from a few shows back in regards to The Brad Melekian’s Andy Irons book. Back in October the book came up for pre-order on Amazon and they said the book will be out in April of 2106. I then received notice that the book is no longer available and that they were not sure if it will ever be sold. Now when I go into my Amazon account, it does not give me the option to order the book and says it will not be avalaible in July of 2017. It all sounds a bit fishy to me. I would love for you guys to dig in and see what the issue is. Where there is smoke there is fire, right? Is this a possible legal block from the Irons Family? If it is, shame on them for not letting Brad tell the truth about Andy and what was really going on in his life.

    Thanks for putting on a good show and keep up the good work!

    Kevin Hamor

  41. Craig

    Great episode and I love Beach Grit, it is my first stop on the internet.
    My only comment is what is up with Chas and “I reckon”
    Santa Barbara

  42. Km

    Hello David, thanks for all of the great poscasts. Where do i find the earlier podcasts? On the “feed” it only goes back to episode 057, nothing earlier is listed.

  43. Bob Rogers

    KP seems to be doing a good job as commissioner but he needs some simple media coaching. When being interviewed on camera, you either look at the interviewer or at the camera, not both. KP’s constant shifting of his eyes from interviewer to camera is unnerving and annoying. I wonder if anybody’s ever told him. Or maybe it’s just me.

  44. Bob Rogers

    Regarding Felipe’s Tahiti heat, I didn’t watch the whole thing but you said he was comboed in the first 3 minutes. Seems pretty typical that if a guy’s in that situation he figures there’s no point in taking off on any wave that doesn’t look like it could be an 8. Maybe Felipe never saw a potential 8 so he didn’t bother taking off.

  45. Paulo

    The podcast is great! I really appreciate your work here. Thanks. I have been learning a lot about surf history and surf in SoCal.
    Any chance on interviewing Skyp Frye? That would be extremely interesting and rich.
    Keep doing the amazing work!
    (PS as a Brazilian leaving in SD, I agree with a lot of the “complains” and impressions on the Brazos, althought some are just incorrect, but still funny)

  46. Mark Hollister


    Excited to hear about the 20 or so people signed up in Surf Splendor Fantasy Gaming Club. Any chance of listing who signed up. It would be fun to keep track of who is winning as the contest progresses. Now that it has started we can see other player’s teams.

    I was amazed to hear that neither of you had Filipe on your team. His dominance at Snapper was something I have not seen since Kelly’s glory days. He was faster and more confident then anyone else in the water. I am also confused that you both believe his style does not lend well for Bells. The forecast looks small and he made quarter finals in 2013. He did look bad in round one, but I hope in the end Filipe and myself prove you both wrong.

    Love the Show,

    1. DS Post author

      Markfish, I’ll post the Gaming Club names in the comment section on FantasySurfer.com. Based on Filipe’s performance in round 2 at Bells today, you are clearly correct. He looked very good, with more room for improvement (he bogged a few rails). My team absolutely fell apart today. I’m horrible at this!


  47. Paul

    Hello from S.Korea. I am surfing in a place where surfing was unheard of less than 5 years ago so the surf culture is still very new and developing. Although shops and brands are jumping onto the growing surf scene in Korea for money, there are absolutely no publications that carry surf culture, news, photos etc. to the depth that you guys have. The existence of both down the line and surf splendor talk shows has allowed me to dive deeper into the surf culture of the past and present and I am thankful for that. I hope you and your show the best.

    Oh and here is a link to a clip of surfing on a good day on the east side of peninsula. Just in case you were curious.

    p.s: I have a question for you guys, a ASP qualifying series event was held in Korea before. What year was it and where was it?

  48. Kazuo

    Justin, the reason SUP’s and bodyboarders don’t get respect here is because it’s much easier then paddle surfing. SUP’s tend to hog the waves in already crowded lineups and then ride with no style or athletic display, limited by the length/size of their board or ability. Bodyboarders are able to take off in the white wash, and don’t usually do anything impressive to watch. Much respect to the bodyboarders charging heavy slabs though, that’s freaking incredible!! I think SUP’s are appropriate for tiny waves and body boards are appropriate for hollow stuff. I respect skills, not crutches. I must admit, Davids respect for grammar and spelling makes me hesitant to write at all….

    1. Justin


      Sorry for the late reply. I get it most that the majority of SUPS and bodyboarders we see aren’t usually as skilled as prone paddling surfers but I guess my point is as long as people aren’t dicks in the water I’d like to see more people stoked for each other than writing each other off. And like Scott said during the podcast, people using whatever board is best suited for the day and spot and disregarding our egos as much as possible and enjoying the waves and ocean to the fullest.

      Dave, thanks for the shout out the other week on the air. For Fantasy Surfer how about $10 for each contest and $20 for the whole season? Looking forward to the quik pro recap and first money round at bells!

  49. Justin

    Hey David,

    Meant to email this last week. Just started listening to the podcasts a few weeks ago, stoked! Had listened to Bassy’s down the line podcast a few times in the past and downloaded a month or so ago for some background noise while I was working. You guys got me hooked now! Good stuff! Entertaining and surprisingly inciteful! Especially enjoy the interviews with the surfers and industry guys- but you guys occasionally have some good points too! JK. In all seriousness, both shows are real entertaining with a good blend of humor and thought provoking surf dialogue.
    Which brings me to my question. Two weeks ago you posted the video of Fergal Smith’s series growing where he talks about farming and surfing in Ireland, great vid but the clip I thought was most interesting out of that series is the one where he talks about how he’s recently started Bodyboarding on the smaller days due to the fickle and steep, ledging nature of the local reefs.
    I just thought that was cool and in this age of “ride anything,” at least in Southern California, that doesn’t usually translate to bodyboards. So I was just wondering if you guys could touch on that in your next episode? Why is there sometimes tension between surfers and “spongers” specifically in SoCal and maybe California in general but not as much as in places like Hawaii or apparently Ireland. I feel like the debate could also be extended to SUP and why they aren’t universally accepted in lineups across California whereas again in Hawaii they’re more generally accepted. And just to tie in another previous topic/episode, I listened to the Zack Weinburg episode where you discuss surfing bigotry for lack of a better term, and I was just wondering what your guys’ feelings were on surfers’ intolerance of other waveriders and or even waveriders of other races. I know most surfers would not like to think of themselves as sort of “surf bigots” but I know where I come from and I feel like truly most surfers aren’t the liberal “the earth and waves belong to everyone” “hippie -type” persona we’re portrayed as and in fact the opposite is true.

    Anyway, there’s a lot there and just thought it’d be interesting to here you’re take on it. I’ve pasted a link to a Stab mag article on based off Fergal’s clip which also includes the clip in it. http://stabmag.com/5-things-that-bodyboarders-have-taught-surfers/

    Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

  50. Scott Overland

    Hi David,
    Longtime listener and fan of Down The Line where I was introduced to Surf Splendor. Stoked on the introduction and have been catching up on some of your episodes whilst on the road. For the most part I have found the Splendor casts very entertaining and engaging. Long form they are, the ending and opening comments about the broadcast can be a bit redundant. But beyond that I have been enjoying the stories.
    I grew up in the 70’s and remember how Lightening Bolt dominated the mags back then. Cool to hear about Tom Parrish role in that company and of course his role in the birth of the mega brand Quicksilver. Fascinating to hear how he helped turned a full Aussie brand into a mainstay in Hawaii! What a coup! In so many things in life its all about the relationships and his strong ties to the surf shops allowed an alien brand to dominate in the very territorial birthplace of surfing.
    That story contrasted nicely with the Chas Smith piece. He is quite the personality to say the least, talk about opionated and brash yet he still was able to penetrate the hardcore North Shore scene and succeed in telling a compelling story. I am impressed with his ability to shed light in the darker arenas of our sport and survive. He had no ties to the locals and yet somehow he fosters a relationship with one of the most heavy NS guardians! His relationship to Eddie is hard to believe but yet it exists. Beach Grit is entertaining in a way the you cant help but look at a car wreck. Crazy allegations and stories with rumor and truth abound. I want to hate but cant help but visit the site. I look forward to the refinement of the site as they grow the site.
    We need voices like Chaz in surfing so that we don’t become to vanilla as the sport marches toward mainstream acceptance thru the WSL platform.
    Thanks for the entertaining podcasts David and a send a big “Yah Guy” to Bassy for me.

  51. William

    Hi, i’m a big fan of your show from Nova Scotia, Canada. I’m currently on a surf trip to Morocco where i’m stuck in bed due to food poisoning. Thankfully I got your podcasts to listen to. i really enjoyed that last one, I read the book a couple months ago and I highly recommend it.


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