We have a packed show today with a couple of guests. David opens the show with a conversation with Roger Hinds about the noserider that he shaped for David. Scott then chats with former Surfer Magazine editor Jim Kempton about the legacy of Nat Young. We then transition to Surf News where David and Scott discuss Stab In The Dark, the Quik Pro France, the Portugal Pro, and the new Andy Irons documentary. Enjoy!


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Dane Reynolds tested 13 anonymously shaped surfboards to determine the ideal high-performance shortboard. The 30 minute video is worth you time. Dane’s ripping and the concept opens a lot of interesting discussions.

Click to watch the full video!



Congrats to Keanu Asing and Carissa Moore.




JJF in episode 4 of “Twelve”


The entire Wright family for persevering such trials and triumphs in recent years. Congrat to Tyler for her first World Title. And congrats to Owen for news of his first born.

Uncle mick @mfanno great to see ya today champ

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Felicidad Rivera for stealing $400k from Clay Marzo!

Click here for the full story, but also click “play” below to witness the majestic of our gift Clay.

Clay Marzo In West Oz Perfection from Superbrand on Vimeo.

61 thoughts on “ROGER HINDS, JIM KEMPTON & SURF NEWS, OCTOBER 20, 2016

  1. CD


    Awesome interview! As a 30 something from the area it was really great to listen to a quality interview with a local legend. It’s not often our little state is the main topic of a show so I really enjoyed this one. Growing up surfing all the spots and taking trips to Skaters Island leave me feeling as though I need to say thank you to Sid.


  2. hk

    Once again another great podcast. Keep´em coming! And yes, donations will be sent once you put it together. I noticed something very cool after Keanu won the Pro France. The camaraderie among the young surfers. I think I saw Kanoa, Kolohe and Leo lifting and taking turns to bring him to the podium. You don´t see that very often anymore. I am not sure if it´s because Keanu has good vibes with everyone or the more carefree spirit of youth. Or maybe both. But that was a highlight for me besides him winning as a massive underdog.

  3. casey

    appreciate you’re nuanced and honest conversations on the lineup.
    I don’t get to surf often (live 1000 miles from any coast), and the biggest barrier for me improving is getting way less waves than everyone else. (I start to take off, someone else goes… i’m pretty sure I have priority, but not sure enough, so I end up backing off…. or they get mad because I don’t go hard enough down the line… Or they are just more nimble than me, so always get better position.)
    So getting hints about those other folks think helps.

  4. Mariano

    Hi David!!
    Love your podcast!!
    I’ve recently been in a QS event along with the women WSL stop in Cascais. There, the main break (Carcavelos) is rarely breaking in this part of the year (it really needs a strong swell, or at least with a specific direction). So, both events were run in the alternative spot, praia do Guincho, a really exposed beach break. The problem I saw in this spot is that the surfers had to battle a lot with white water to get back to the lineup. They spent a lot of time (and also energy) paddeling back after catching a wave. Now, I’m seeing the Quicksilver Pro France, and I see the jetski is available for surfers, so, could you explain in your show when it is a available the jetski in competion and when it isn’t? Could you discuss with Scott whether it is a good idea to use it, or whether it is better to let the surfers battling with the ocean (surfing its waves and paddeling back to the point)?
    Keep doing this good work you are doing. THANK YOU!!!

  5. Adam Baldwin

    Hey guys,
    Relatively new listener, about half a dozen podcasts from you guys.
    I work at a school with a surf excellence program, I have done a board for all the kids, we call it the “crowd sourced ecoboard”. David checked it out on Instagram @surfnsk8ment.
    Im coming to San Clemente for the judging of the vissla #creatorscontest, which is on the 28th of oct. i will be staying with Hal who works at surfing cultural and heritage museum. Hope you have heard of the event, maybe you should come. Im not sure where it is in San Clemente yet as i am waiting on conformation from the guys at Vissla. Donald brink and i have been chatting and it should be rad. It may be something you could come to. Considering the push towards more environmentally sustainable surfboards Maurice Cole has been suggesting this could be a chance to get some ideas.
    The board i have made from waste EPS from an architectural molding factory, Cedar, that was originally pulled out of a wall in my house, PU offcuts from a local surfboard manufacturer and agave i collected from the dunes at a local beach, actually surfs really well.

    Have a look at my little clip of it’s construction pics and me trying to surf it.

  6. Brad

    Dave, love the podcast, and given your and Scott’s propensity for discussing the finer points of the English language, I have a question or rather perhaps a comment on the semantics of the green room, AKA the tube, AKA the barrel . The word “tube” as I first understood it as a grom in the early 80s, was a reference to an open ended cylinder of water from which a skilled surfer could emerge. The word “barrel” on the other hand, connoted a closed up place from which one did not emerge. “Tubes” were made, “barrels” were not. When you told your friend you got tubed, that meant you came out (and were probably lying). Barrels, on the other hand, were common close-outs. Thrilling indeed, but not the ultimate stoke we all seek. I figure I must have been barreled 100 times before I made that first real tube.

    Now it has become common to hear the two words used interchangeably; I’ve myself referred to “spitting barrels”, although anyone with half a brain should see that only a tube can spit (go ahead, try and spit with your mouth closed). Am I thinking into this too much?

  7. Bob

    Hey guys, love the show. Last episode, in regards to surfing in the olympics and the Joe Buck interview, David said something along the lines that the mainstream media coverage of surfing, “…gets more people interested in surfing…shows that the outside world has an interest in surfing…” and that, “…I think it’s all great.” It’s your show and your opinions — as it should be — but just so you know, I’ve been surfing 40+ years, most of the people I know and hang out with are surfers, and as far as I can tell, nobody I know thinks that more people getting interested in surfing is a good thing. Except maybe the surf shop owners, but they’re not quick to admit it, and I think they’re morally conflicted about it. The premise that more mainstream interest in surfing is good, is not an undisputed given — far from it. In general I think that if you make money off of surfing then you think it’s good. If not, well, what’s so good about it? It might make an interesting topic of discussion in a future show. Keep up the good work.

  8. ASDF

    Another good podcast is ‘Surf Mastery’, which is a more technical podcast eg interviews performance coaches or paddling coaches or fitness/diet people, all of whom are connected to the (Australian) surf industry. I dont personally agree with everything (the diet stuff is a bit lacking in evidence) but its worth listening to, particularly when they arent talking diet!

  9. Ryan Lowe

    As always love the podcast just wanted to chime in on a few things. First off on your latest podcast you mentioned a board club with a membership so i just wanted inform you of a place right in your hometown of Huntington beach called Quivers. I recently had a trip to California and found them off yelp before I went. Let me tell you I couldn’t have asked for a better deal the guys were super friendly great local knowledge and a slew of new boards I ended up trying a mini Simmons that i took to upper trestles for 3 days. I never would have bought one but being able to try one was Awesome. Anyway just wanted to give them a shout out for making a good trip great. Also just wanted to give you props for mentioning the other podcasts here true surf ambassador stuff there. Id say that was a true Patagonia move :) Thanks again for all the great content Yeeeewwwwww :)

  10. Roger clark

    How about that slater occast? Pretty revealing I’d say. The interview was a solid glimpse into the kings thoughts today. I’d have to say slater is an open mic that even Occ can stumble into, even with few words. So many topics of major intrigue in so little time. The tide does rise all boats…

  11. KM

    Hi David, thanks for another great podcast today – one thing I wanted to mention is if Scott has been doing one podcast per week for the past 10 years, wouldn’t he have completed 520 podcasts, and not 5,200 like he originally mentioned? Just sayin’!

    1. KM

      I forgot to mention that I do think Down the Line is easily deserving of being on the top 7 podcast list. It’s a sad state of affairs when Occy’s podcast made the list, when there has only been one and it was poorly done.

  12. Helmys legends

    Hey David,

    I’ve been listening to your show (down the line) all year and after todays episode i found and entered your clubhouse. I hope you don’t mind i bumped you down a spot.
    Helmys legends

  13. Paul-Louis Louw

    Interesting conversation on your board being at it’s peak right before it’s goes bust. I fell in love with my slightly waterlogged hybrid shortboard 2 weeks before my fresh stick arrived. It could very well be that it was a bittersweet goodbye to a good workhorse and a bit of sentiment.

    Keep up the great show!

  14. Gigs Celliers

    Hey guys
    Only recently discovered your site and podcast and will continue not only to plug into future casts but also work my back through the archive
    I have been doing some WSL commentary recently and enjoying the vision and advancement of where our sport is headed

    As I continue hopefully growing In that role I certainly will be feeding off your guys opinions and expanding my own understanding

    Keep up the good work
    At the bottom of Africa

  15. Sandy Olney

    Great WSL show with Dave Prodan. Next time maybe interview him w/o Scott. He needs to relax and back off with the whole, “Ive been in the surf industry for 20 years” routine. Obviously he’s s great co-host but your line of questions are more interesting….his game of thrones comparisons???

    Thanks for your efforts as always. -Sandy

  16. Bazzle

    What? A new episode and the amazing RedBull Cape Fear event was not mentioned?
    Did you see any of that footage?

  17. Pobby Brown

    Just a heads up for a potential must-see moment, or moments at 24 frames per second.

    Fire and Water is a film that is making the rounds at certain festivals and includes rare home movies of Don Gums Eichen on HI’s North Shore circa his infamous face plant. It also goes on to explore Eichen’s legacy as a surfer and as the patriarch of a surfing family of NYC Firefighters.

    Check it out

  18. John

    Hey David and Scott,

    I agree the with Jason the personal interviews are great. Another person you should consider interviewing is Manuel Caro of Mandala Surfboards. I’ve go a couple of his boards and they’re incredibly fast. Not to mention he’s a cool cat too.

    I’m nearly finished binge listening to your old podcasts, and when I’m done you guys are going to need to step it up.

    One other thing, I did take a listen to the guys that do that Australian podcast Ain’t That Swell. Those guys are friggin hilarious. They should let the two of you and those guys call the next event.

    P.S. When Scott is prepared the podcast is 10X better. Just sayin….


  19. Jason Ramsey

    Hey Love the show, I don’t know if it missed anything where you mentioned what I am about to ask, but where did the more personal interviews go? I love the surf news, but the more personal interviews were great. Thanks.


  20. Lucas

    Hi David and Scott!!

    I´m a big fan of the show and thanks for doing it.

    I´m quite surprised and upset because you both didn´t say a word about the horrible style ( one foot on the tail one foot on the nose) and also all the claiming that matt wilkinson did on the first events of the year…Dude how much shit adriano gets from you guys all the time!!! looks like your criteria is based on the colour of their passaport??

    what happened with the interviews?? those are the best please bring new ones with shapers!

    there´s any with chris chirsteson?

    saludos from centroamerica!


  21. William

    Hi guys!

    Thanks for the interesting chat about risk vs safety surfing. I was a little surprised that you didn’t bring up the point of Julians surfing a few years back (2014?) when he had a hard time getting scores that he wanted. This is during a period when his surfing was crazy and many of his peers were talking about the technicality if his surfing, grab-variations and rawness that weren’t getting rewarded by the judges. He made changes in his surfing to give the judges what they want. He went from a 1-10point ride surfer to a steady 8 surfer. Hopefully he’ll catch on to the changes in judging where he can use his 8 skills in the lower rounds and pull out his gnarly surfing in the finals. He should calm down his claiming though…



  22. Kasper

    A friendly reminder from a Swede that lovesyour show with all the friendly banter as well as the more in-depht stories. Regarding 2 february surf news. If somebody has the time to listen through 1 h 30 min of surf news brought to the world by you (yes I love it) well, then I´m sure that watching 10 minutes of Craig or Dillon wont be such a wast of time as you seem to feel. The fact that one “surf clipp or short movie” has less views then another might only be of importance to a sponsor or a brand and say nothing of the quality or “artistic value” in the actual movie. At least I hope that Dillon or Craig Anderson doesn´t feel that there “life captured” in film was a waste of time.. That a clip is short might actually be one reason why it will receive more views (taking for granted that it has something to show for it) but personally I hope that there will be space in the surfing world for both the “less” and the “more”. There are plenty of short clips with a lot of views that at least me consider “a waste of time” and that lead me to believe that quality or value can’t be defined in numbers. Less us only hope that creativity, skill and honest expression will triumph over revenue and Capitalistic interest.

    All the best to you guys, and Like I say. I love what your doing, since day one.

  23. Buck Tangram

    Come on lads I know January is a slow month but Im hanging for a bit of back and forth. Lets get this ball rolling.

  24. Luugart

    What can you comment about the photo of Kelly riding the wave pool in trunks?! Photo shop? Has this thing been up and running since last summer?? Talk about it!!

  25. Kevin Hamor

    Hey David,

    Thanks for continuing to put out such a great show with Scott. It’s nice to to have relevant surf news delivered to the masses on a consistent basis for free!

    I wanted to mention something from a few shows back in regards to The Brad Melekian’s Andy Irons book. Back in October the book came up for pre-order on Amazon and they said the book will be out in April of 2106. I then received notice that the book is no longer available and that they were not sure if it will ever be sold. Now when I go into my Amazon account, it does not give me the option to order the book and says it will not be avalaible in July of 2017. It all sounds a bit fishy to me. I would love for you guys to dig in and see what the issue is. Where there is smoke there is fire, right? Is this a possible legal block from the Irons Family? If it is, shame on them for not letting Brad tell the truth about Andy and what was really going on in his life.

    Thanks for putting on a good show and keep up the good work!

    Kevin Hamor

  26. Craig

    Great episode and I love Beach Grit, it is my first stop on the internet.
    My only comment is what is up with Chas and “I reckon”
    Santa Barbara

  27. Km

    Hello David, thanks for all of the great poscasts. Where do i find the earlier podcasts? On the “feed” it only goes back to episode 057, nothing earlier is listed.

  28. Bob Rogers

    KP seems to be doing a good job as commissioner but he needs some simple media coaching. When being interviewed on camera, you either look at the interviewer or at the camera, not both. KP’s constant shifting of his eyes from interviewer to camera is unnerving and annoying. I wonder if anybody’s ever told him. Or maybe it’s just me.

  29. Bob Rogers

    Regarding Felipe’s Tahiti heat, I didn’t watch the whole thing but you said he was comboed in the first 3 minutes. Seems pretty typical that if a guy’s in that situation he figures there’s no point in taking off on any wave that doesn’t look like it could be an 8. Maybe Felipe never saw a potential 8 so he didn’t bother taking off.

  30. Paulo

    The podcast is great! I really appreciate your work here. Thanks. I have been learning a lot about surf history and surf in SoCal.
    Any chance on interviewing Skyp Frye? That would be extremely interesting and rich.
    Keep doing the amazing work!
    (PS as a Brazilian leaving in SD, I agree with a lot of the “complains” and impressions on the Brazos, althought some are just incorrect, but still funny)

  31. Mark Hollister


    Excited to hear about the 20 or so people signed up in Surf Splendor Fantasy Gaming Club. Any chance of listing who signed up. It would be fun to keep track of who is winning as the contest progresses. Now that it has started we can see other player’s teams.

    I was amazed to hear that neither of you had Filipe on your team. His dominance at Snapper was something I have not seen since Kelly’s glory days. He was faster and more confident then anyone else in the water. I am also confused that you both believe his style does not lend well for Bells. The forecast looks small and he made quarter finals in 2013. He did look bad in round one, but I hope in the end Filipe and myself prove you both wrong.

    Love the Show,

    1. DS Post author

      Markfish, I’ll post the Gaming Club names in the comment section on Based on Filipe’s performance in round 2 at Bells today, you are clearly correct. He looked very good, with more room for improvement (he bogged a few rails). My team absolutely fell apart today. I’m horrible at this!


  32. Paul

    Hello from S.Korea. I am surfing in a place where surfing was unheard of less than 5 years ago so the surf culture is still very new and developing. Although shops and brands are jumping onto the growing surf scene in Korea for money, there are absolutely no publications that carry surf culture, news, photos etc. to the depth that you guys have. The existence of both down the line and surf splendor talk shows has allowed me to dive deeper into the surf culture of the past and present and I am thankful for that. I hope you and your show the best.

    Oh and here is a link to a clip of surfing on a good day on the east side of peninsula. Just in case you were curious.

    p.s: I have a question for you guys, a ASP qualifying series event was held in Korea before. What year was it and where was it?

  33. Kazuo

    Justin, the reason SUP’s and bodyboarders don’t get respect here is because it’s much easier then paddle surfing. SUP’s tend to hog the waves in already crowded lineups and then ride with no style or athletic display, limited by the length/size of their board or ability. Bodyboarders are able to take off in the white wash, and don’t usually do anything impressive to watch. Much respect to the bodyboarders charging heavy slabs though, that’s freaking incredible!! I think SUP’s are appropriate for tiny waves and body boards are appropriate for hollow stuff. I respect skills, not crutches. I must admit, Davids respect for grammar and spelling makes me hesitant to write at all….

    1. Justin


      Sorry for the late reply. I get it most that the majority of SUPS and bodyboarders we see aren’t usually as skilled as prone paddling surfers but I guess my point is as long as people aren’t dicks in the water I’d like to see more people stoked for each other than writing each other off. And like Scott said during the podcast, people using whatever board is best suited for the day and spot and disregarding our egos as much as possible and enjoying the waves and ocean to the fullest.

      Dave, thanks for the shout out the other week on the air. For Fantasy Surfer how about $10 for each contest and $20 for the whole season? Looking forward to the quik pro recap and first money round at bells!

  34. Justin

    Hey David,

    Meant to email this last week. Just started listening to the podcasts a few weeks ago, stoked! Had listened to Bassy’s down the line podcast a few times in the past and downloaded a month or so ago for some background noise while I was working. You guys got me hooked now! Good stuff! Entertaining and surprisingly inciteful! Especially enjoy the interviews with the surfers and industry guys- but you guys occasionally have some good points too! JK. In all seriousness, both shows are real entertaining with a good blend of humor and thought provoking surf dialogue.
    Which brings me to my question. Two weeks ago you posted the video of Fergal Smith’s series growing where he talks about farming and surfing in Ireland, great vid but the clip I thought was most interesting out of that series is the one where he talks about how he’s recently started Bodyboarding on the smaller days due to the fickle and steep, ledging nature of the local reefs.
    I just thought that was cool and in this age of “ride anything,” at least in Southern California, that doesn’t usually translate to bodyboards. So I was just wondering if you guys could touch on that in your next episode? Why is there sometimes tension between surfers and “spongers” specifically in SoCal and maybe California in general but not as much as in places like Hawaii or apparently Ireland. I feel like the debate could also be extended to SUP and why they aren’t universally accepted in lineups across California whereas again in Hawaii they’re more generally accepted. And just to tie in another previous topic/episode, I listened to the Zack Weinburg episode where you discuss surfing bigotry for lack of a better term, and I was just wondering what your guys’ feelings were on surfers’ intolerance of other waveriders and or even waveriders of other races. I know most surfers would not like to think of themselves as sort of “surf bigots” but I know where I come from and I feel like truly most surfers aren’t the liberal “the earth and waves belong to everyone” “hippie -type” persona we’re portrayed as and in fact the opposite is true.

    Anyway, there’s a lot there and just thought it’d be interesting to here you’re take on it. I’ve pasted a link to a Stab mag article on based off Fergal’s clip which also includes the clip in it.

    Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

  35. Scott Overland

    Hi David,
    Longtime listener and fan of Down The Line where I was introduced to Surf Splendor. Stoked on the introduction and have been catching up on some of your episodes whilst on the road. For the most part I have found the Splendor casts very entertaining and engaging. Long form they are, the ending and opening comments about the broadcast can be a bit redundant. But beyond that I have been enjoying the stories.
    I grew up in the 70’s and remember how Lightening Bolt dominated the mags back then. Cool to hear about Tom Parrish role in that company and of course his role in the birth of the mega brand Quicksilver. Fascinating to hear how he helped turned a full Aussie brand into a mainstay in Hawaii! What a coup! In so many things in life its all about the relationships and his strong ties to the surf shops allowed an alien brand to dominate in the very territorial birthplace of surfing.
    That story contrasted nicely with the Chas Smith piece. He is quite the personality to say the least, talk about opionated and brash yet he still was able to penetrate the hardcore North Shore scene and succeed in telling a compelling story. I am impressed with his ability to shed light in the darker arenas of our sport and survive. He had no ties to the locals and yet somehow he fosters a relationship with one of the most heavy NS guardians! His relationship to Eddie is hard to believe but yet it exists. Beach Grit is entertaining in a way the you cant help but look at a car wreck. Crazy allegations and stories with rumor and truth abound. I want to hate but cant help but visit the site. I look forward to the refinement of the site as they grow the site.
    We need voices like Chaz in surfing so that we don’t become to vanilla as the sport marches toward mainstream acceptance thru the WSL platform.
    Thanks for the entertaining podcasts David and a send a big “Yah Guy” to Bassy for me.

  36. William

    Hi, i’m a big fan of your show from Nova Scotia, Canada. I’m currently on a surf trip to Morocco where i’m stuck in bed due to food poisoning. Thankfully I got your podcasts to listen to. i really enjoyed that last one, I read the book a couple months ago and I highly recommend it.


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